Dr’s Diane and Sylvaine Mailhot

We were looking to buy a property in Florida. First started out on the web, made some calls to contact a Florida agent. We rapidly received help from Prebble and Warren to search for our dream vacation home. We are very specific & difficult for the choice of a home, many details were necessary, it was going to be a challenge…

Prebble spent one whole week with me to search & visit many properties. Every morning she would come to pick me up at my hotel with her great smile and enthusiasm. She took the time to know our needs and preferences and knew exactly what was good for us.
She was always willing to go off on the road, near or far with no hesitation, at the end of the day I was missing energy and she still had lots of it to continue and it was worth it! This is when we found THE property for us.

Prebble was very efficient to retrieve information about the properties, (knew extremely well the market) the surroundings. Warren was also very present working hand & hand with Prebble to complete the information needed. Prebble also has a good sense concerning the property managements, when she thought it didn’t seem right, we were off to another area. I cannot say it enough, Prebble is a very professional person on many facets, not to mention very fun to be with!

When it came to settle the paperwork, we had to do it by distance (Canada), Warren was the right person for this. He organized and explained everything very clearly to us. All the paper work was clear and came promptly on time every time! This transaction was done without any confusion or difficulties. Warren is a VERY organized, knowledgeable and professional person. Anytime I had a question, Warren would answer SO rapidly, availability 110%.

We finally bought another property from Prebble and Warren because we could not see anyone else handle our second property. Just as we expected, it was really easy and simple to find the perfect place for us and this is thanks to both of them. We would without any hesitation refer there professionalism to family and friends. What stood out to us from Prebble and Warren is there infinite kindness, never hesitating to help us for anything.

In Prebble & Warren we found many qualities but most importantly we found faithful friends. Thank you Prebble & Warren!

We now have a paradise waiting for us every time we get too cold & tired…

— Dr's Diane and Sylvain Mailhot, Orlando