Joshua Spencer

Selling a home can be stressful – I never believed that until it was time for me to sell mine. I was instantly overwhelmed with numerous questions about the entire process. I knew I wanted a realtor who could walk with me through the process and provide thorough information along the way – Warren did just that. I began talking with Warren roughly 8 months prior to actually listing my home. He made sure to touch base with me periodically to check in, provide comparative analysis information and answer any questions regarding whether or not selling my home was the right move. When I made the decision to list it, Warren walked me through everything he was going to do in order to get my house sold quickly and for the right price. I believe that the hardest part of selling a home isn’t the actual sale, but figuring out if it’s the right decision. Warren did an excellent job explaining to me the WHY’s behind his advice, which allowed me to determine if it was right for me. When it came time to list my house, I felt completely confident in my decision because of the information Warren provided. I am truly appreciative of all the support he gave me and my family throughout this process. Warren was always available, prompt with his responses and, most of all, a true professional.

— Joshua Spencer, Orange City