Lee Roopchand

These guys are the greatest! Warren & Prebble have made it into the Guinness Book of Records for giving us the smoothest home buying experience from the very beginning until you get your very own KEYS. My family moved to the Orlando area not knowing if it would be wise to either rent for a while or purchase a home. I was sitting at a friend’s house and jokingly asked if they knew of any real estate agent. My friend who bought their home over a decade ago remembered the experience they had with Prebble & Warren and gave me their contact info and said they had one of the best house buying experience and to give them a call. I didn’t believe them at first but I eventually called Warren and he shared with me some information. All this time I was very hesitant. As everyone knows, being a first time home buyer can be nerve wrecking. Then I met Prebble and we started to look at properties. After about the second home viewing Prebble knew exactly what type of home we wanted. Prebble called us a few days later saying she found the perfect home and of course jokingly I said “yeah right, my wife is way too picky”. When we saw the house it truly was the perfect home for us, Prebble blew us out of the water! The home had everything we wanted, great schools, perfect neighborhood, close to the mall (wife’s favorite spot) and all of the amenities that came with the home and the best part it was very affordable. I will never hesitate to use Warren & Prebble on my next home purchase.

— Lee Roopchand, Longwood